Product/Furniture Design Build


This design build project should fill in a 3 week period that can be built in the shop. Your idea should be simple enough to build and challenging enough to have you learn new skills/ work on new machinery.

Write up a proposal that you will submit. This will be something that you will create :

  • A picture / sketch to help guide you (printed out w/ notes)
  • Size of the project
  • Materials to be used
    • specify what materials you would need and what you would already have
  • possible machines used
  • safety requirements
  • Proposed new learning skills
  • Layout timeline of the project establishing key times (Idea, Drawing finished, Materials gathering, Creation, Assembly, Finished Product)

2.Create a drawing of the proposed object

  • drawing should be full scale
  • fully dimensioned
  • have detail explaining jointery/ fine details
  • look of what the finished product will look like

3. Build

Note: Before starting any construction ensure any safety test are completed and you have been explained to you how to properly used the machinery.

Criteria for build:
  • Accuracy to plans
  • Efficiency of materials and use of time
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Finish of final product
  • Communication between instructor and yourself
  • Completion of new skills learned