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Plastic Desk Organizer

Teknion Furniture Systems of Toronto manufactures a variety of products out of many different materials and sells them to both the office and household marketplace. A senior executive with the company complained about the number of messages on pieces of scrap paper found lying all over her desk, not to mention, the massive quantity of pens, pencils, rulers and other items continually cluttering her work space. As a result, Teknion is currently interested in expanding their current product line to include a desk organizer manufactured out of plastic. You are required to design and build a plastic desk organizer out of one 24″x 32″ sheet of acrylic. It must hold scrap paper in an orderly fashion (8.5″ x 11″ paper cut in quarters, because we are all committed to recycling), pens, pencils, rulers, I-pod, etc.

Your footprint can be no larger than 8.5″ x 11″.


  • 1) Sketch various views of 2 different designs.
  • 2) Produce a full size mock-up of your best design.
  • 3) Get your sketches and mock-up marked by the teacher.
  • 4) Having chosen your best design, produce a proper orthographic drawing using Inventor and Acad including a logo of your own personal choice on at least one view of your finished drawing.

When Done, You Will Be Able To:

  • 1) Use the design process to create a solution to Use the design process to create a solution to a problem. problem.
  • 2) Use the bandsaw, drill press, sander, buffer, and the C.N.C. milling machine in a safe and correct manner.
  • 3) Construct a finished product out of acrylic plastic.
  • 4) Evaluate the solution and process in relation to the determined need.
  • 5) Work safely and in a responsible manner.

Marks for Finished Project Final Assessment

Mockup Rubric

Finished Project Rubric