Each member of the class will be a specialist in a specific area. Click on the link and become familiar with the content, so you can summarize it for the class.

At the front of the room we are going to recreate your own Kitchens to see if they meet the suggested guideline. Discuss with each other what you see at how things might be improved.

  1. Distance Between Work Centers (Kitchen Triangle) / Cleanup/Prep Sink Placement
  2. Work Triangle Traffic/ Walkway
  3. Kitchen Door Interference
  4. Countertop Space
  5. Food Preparation Work Area / Cook Surface Landing Area / Dishwasher Placement
  6. Lighting


Using an online kitchen designer like Lowes kitchen Designer or Ikea Kitchen Designer recreate your own kitchen but using the rules.

Criteria: Must meet the 5 of 9 rules that are specified above