1) Open “Tools” Menu
2) Select “Database Editor”
3) Choose “Edit Material Database” and then select “Import”
4) Go to the “O” drive, “Tech Handout Folder” and select the only Excel file named “Material”
5) Click “open” and then “Save database” then close. All our specific raw materials are now loaded into
the program.


1)Select “Nose” from the top left menu bar and choose shape length (75 mm), diameter (33.5 mm), the
nose cone shape, the material “Green foam insulation” and shoulder length (25 mm), diameter 4 (31.7
mm) and then click “OK”.

Tube setup

1) Select “Tube” from the left menu bar
2) Enter the length of your rocket tube 10x diameter (350mm).
3) Click “Material” and choose “Golf club tube” and put in a thickness value of 1 mm.
4) Click “OK”

Engine and Motor Mount Setup

1) Click “Engine” from left menu (last one), find the Estes B6-4 engine and click on it.
2) Enter the mass of your cardboard motor mount in the “Mount Weight” box including the hot glue and
paper clip (use 10.9g) and then click “ok”.

Rocket Fin Setup

1) Select “Fins” from the left menu bar
2 Choose “Material” called “CD plastic”.
3) Click “Fins” and then pick that you want 4 and they are 1 mm thick.
4) Click “Basic Fin Form” and pick the triangle fin type and put some numbers (50 mm is a reasonable
size for A and B ) in for the appropriate sizes based on your chosen geometry.
5) Click ”OK”

Launch Lug Setup

1) Click on “Launch Lug” from the left menu bar.
2) Choose material ” Direct Input” and then enter .2 g for the weight and click Relative CG and put a
length of 35 mm and click “OK”
3) Choose a length (70mm) and diameter (6mm) of your launch lug (a straw) and click “OK”.

Parachute Setup

1) Click “Weight” on the left menu bar and in the description box, type in “Parachute”.
2) Enter the mass of your Parachute including everything (use 5g) and click OK
3)Try and place your parachute about 75 mm below the top of tube using the slide bar.

Now check your rocket stability and if it is not between 1 and 2 calibers then you need to make modifications to your design. If it is too low (under 1) then reduce your fin size or add some mass to the nose of your rocket in order to get the center of gravity away from the center of pressure towards the nose of your rocket. Too high a stability reading requires an opposite solution.