To design and build a rocket to be launched at the end of the unit that will achieve the greatest height.


  1. The total length of the rocket cannot exceed 46 cm.
  2. The rocket cannot exceed 150 g in total mass, including the engine.
  3. The rocket must be fully painted and/ or decorated with a particular theme of your choice.
  4. Most of the materials for the project will be supplied.
  5. You must show your calculations of the theoretical height your rocket can achieve prior to the launch.


Marking Scheme


weight -(1 mark for every 10 g over) /5
height-(1 mark for every 5mm over) /5
nose cone construction (symmetrical, smooth, fit, aerodynamic shape) /5
tail fins, guide straw (design, square, proper size and placement) /5
matches drawing, correct materials /15
decorations (well painted, smooth finish, personal theme) /5
motor mount (fit, assembly) /5
recovery system (parachute design, sequence of parts) /5

Rocket Performance

1 mark for every meter obtain obtained up to 100 /50


No report for this project/ Drawing only /100