Mousetrap Car Research

Complete the following mousetrap car research.

One page only and include your internet sources (/4)

  1. 1. Search for 5 different materials that wheels can be made from. /5
  2. 2. Research 3 different types of dry lubricants and explain why they might be useful. /6
  3. 3. Copy a picture of a slow moving mousetrap car and a fast moving mousetrap car and identify the differences. /6
  4. 4. Search the internet for 5 different construction tips, each from a different internet source, that will help your car to go further. Explain them in your own words and how they will help you in the construction of your mousetrap car. /10
  5. 5. Identify 2 areas of friction acting on your mousetrap car and explain what you plan to do to help reduce this friction. /4