House designs include:

    1. Cape Colonials.
    2. New England Gambrel.
    3. Garrison.
    4. Salt Box.
    5. Southern Colonial.
    6. Contemporary style.
    7. Ranch design.
    8. Victorian
    9. Shipping Container
    10. Tudor
    11. American Foursquare
    12. Timber Frame
    13. Modern
    14. Art Deco


With a (one) partner submit an entry containing your assigned architectural design.

    1. Gather images to illustrate your assigned house style
    2. Include a write up identifying features of each design, Make sure that you use your own words, not just copy and paste from wikipedia.
    3. Take a virtual trip in Google maps street view and find 4 houses in different cities across North America that display the style. One should be in the
      Niagara Region. When posting ensure that you include the link (example : shotggun shack). Describe similiarities and differences.


The information will be gathered together and added to form one larger Prezi presentation. Each group will be responsible for finding and uploading their own content to the main presentation.


  1. When in Google maps don’t get stuck looking around in one area, remember that it is a big continent and there are lots of houses out there.
  2. When you have finally found your house take note of the address by selecting the “link” button and then selecting ” Enable short URL”. Copy the URL and paste it into your submission.
  3. Take note of the “Aapproximate Address”. Copy and paste this into your submission
  4. Press F11 to get your screen to go full screen and then press “Print Scrn” on your keyboard. This captures the image of the house that was on your screen. Open paint or any other photo editor, then press “Ctrl V” (paste). Save this image as your house address. This is what you will upload to our Prezi.

Prezi located here