Mouse Trap Car


In this project, students are to design a vehicle that uses a single mouse trap as it’s sole source of energy. The vehicle should be designed for distance.


  1. Only one mouse trap may be used in the vehicle.
  2. The spring of the mouse trap may not be altered in any way.
  3. The mouse trap must move forward with the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle must start on it’s own.
  5. No ball bearing are allowed to be used for the wheels.
  6. No elastics may be used for your drive belt.

Research Ideas:

Search the internet for three different mouse trap car designs, such as for speed, slower moving, geared cars, etc. Have five different web sites as your source, and include them in your report.


Your great and superior teacher will supply you with the following materials:

  •  mouse trapMouse Trap Car
  •  duct tape
  •  jinx
  • foam board
  •  dowel
  •  glue


  • Car Sturdiness                       /10
  • Wheels                                     /10
  • Material                                   /10
  • Starts on it’s own                   /10
  • Quality                                     /10
  • Distance                 80ft.+ =55/50
    •                          75ft. =50/50
    •                          70ft. =45/50
    •                         65ft. =40/50
    •                         60ft. =35/50
    •                       *and pattern follows


Follow report outline as previously handed out by your teacher.        /100